Words are the killer of your soul- a poem by p.s.

Man is hidden behind his words,
His tongue is the curtain over his soul
When the tide of winds lifts off the curtains,
The secrets of his interior are exposed wide open.

Then you get to see the marvelous pearls or the scorpion hidden,
you get to see if there lies a gold or a venomous snake in him.
And while the mind perceives Reality.
The senses and the ears always rely on the promises of the words of the minds.

But from the words alone you cannot know the taste of sugar. Isn’t that so?
So do not rely heavily on the knowledge of the mere interpretations of the minds
It is very very limited.
For god’s sake, you cannot put a living being in a frame of words!

As you can never know sugar until you taste it,
let go of the little words your mind clings to.
Because until you do,
the truth can never pierce through your heart