What is a Thought?

Here is a small piece about our “incisive compulsive thoughts”. Thoughts that directly or indirectly shape our entire life, twisting and churning us in different tumultuous ways. Thoughts we are obsessed about, feeding them and pampering them, even though it creates a mess and turmoil around us.

For some, it’s even worse than their very nightmares.

Still, thoughts don’t give up on making us believe that they are there for us, providing a “False Sense of Security”. Thoughts make us believe that they are there for us in the difficult times, not realising the very fact that they are the only ones creating “The Trouble” in the first place.

Do we see them? No, we don’t. We are busy. We are busy playing with the vicious circle of thoughts. Afterall how will we? Do they even allow us to see? They change fast, tricking us every single time.

Little less do we realise that all the thoughts playing inside of us are not “Who we are”.

All the thoughts playing inside you, you know about them, its simply your conditioning and everything that you have ever gathered, based on the limited knowledge of life.

Don’t we see that it’s limited? What stops us from seeing the truth? I am sorry to all the PhD’s in the world for the very statement. But no matter how much we try to achieve glory in our internal minds, our knowledge about the world will inevitably remain limited.

Externally we have to go at a certain distance in our lives to survive for this physical existence. But internally do we have to go somewhere?

Do we need to?

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