And he aims to shine like the sun

Sun, an indestructible source of the energy to the universe with its undivided and unsullied warmth.

The only one which shows up every single day without any fail.

The only one which bestows itself, permeating energy to everything and everyone on this planet.

The only one with all of its fearlessness and courage to remain, showing up even when it’s threatened to be shadowed by the heavy resilient thunderstorm, rains and the meaty clouds.

So kind to shower its light upon us and let us do our part in life without expecting a single bit in return.

Shining the same for everyone, from kind to the filthy ones, from big to the small ones and from rich to the poor ones. It continuous to shine and permeate its life-giving energy without differentiating between anyone.

The only one which serves us without any of its selfish expectations and list of demands. The only one being “Self-sufficient” in nature.

He wonders, does the Sun knows it’s precious worth in life? What value do we have in our life without it?

Why doesn’t it flaunts itself and refuse to show up, knowing that it won’t get anything in return for its generosity? Why isn’t it selfish like us?

Seeing everything strikes him and blows his mind away.

He aims to be a never-ending source of energy, limitless and omnipresent to the world.

He aims to shine like the sun and be a light to the world.

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