Tao: Gaining back the forgotten way of life

“All-pervading is the Great Tao! It may be found on the left hand and on the right.

All things depend on it for their production, which it gives to them, not one refusing obedience to it. When its work is accomplished, it does not claim the name of having done it. It clothes all things as with a garment, and makes no assumptions of being their lord; — it may be named in the smallest of things. All things return (to their roots and disappear), and do not know that it is it which presides over their doing so; — it may be named in the greatest things.”

Among the handful of things that I have learnt in life, knowing out the Tao way of life gave the Essence of simplicity and lucidity in life.

Believed to have carved at around 600 BC, Tao Te Ching expresses the profoundness of life and our way and virtues we thrive for.

Words are no way important to the thing it is pointing out to, there a subtle line of difference between the two. If one is missed, the other goes out for a toss.

So deep and subtle to grasp, like an abyss, speaks about the origin of all things. Tao Te Ching screams out to you about the one infinite reality abiding in us, dwelling us to see the oneness in all of us.

Theories and hypothesis become our way of life, when such words are spelt to you, very few get to see the actual sweetness in all of these.

“The Tao in its regular course does nothing (for the sake of doing it), and so there is nothing which it does not do.

If princes and kings were able to maintain it, all things would of themselves new transformed by them.

If this transformation became to me an object of desire, I would express the desire by the nameless simplicity.

Simplicity without a name

Is free from all external aim

With no desire, at rest and still,

All things go right as of their will.”

Life meant to be lives with love and benevolence, a life long left behind, a life yet to be discovered. Every religion, every scripture, every holy writ talks about that One Reality, which we long left behind.

What only remains with us are the words, words which are kept quiet in our minds to be used for churned out concepts from, to be used to satisfy the void within.

“Man at his birth is supple and weak; at his death, firm and strong. (So it is with) all things. Trees and plants, in their early growth, are soft and brittle; at their death, dry and withered.

Hence he who (relies on) the strength of his forces does not conquer, and a tree which is strong will fill the out-stretched arms, (and thereby invites the feller.)

Therefore the place of what is firm and strong is below, and that of what is soft and weak is above”

And now we are so rigid and stiff with our words, concepts and beliefs, if not break open the shackles of that we so fondly hold up-to, will there will be a space for blossoming up of something new and magnificent, something which no one is whip-smart to capture.

More than an aha moment, something my words can’t describe, will there be space for life?

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