What it means to be aware?

Human beings throughout the century, have excelled marvellously forming all the havens of conclusions and acting out in the world with all the past registrations.

Now we are an intellectual being with all the baggage of information, we proudly hold up-to.

Do we even bother to be aware and see life not with the intellectual or physical eyes but with every nerves and sense of our being?

Do we even bother to know what it means to be fully aware of something, to completely emerge into something, without any form of separation with it?

We love making concepts of everything and anything we come across in life. Like we did, with everything that we are taught with.

Do we need to learn how to be aware? Or do we believe it’s so silly to be too serious about it and let’s just go on with life, partially live with all the temporary sensations?

The moment we let the brain do its act of churning out, with all the past euphoria of fanciful desires and the yearnings, the beauty and the perfume of awareness is long gone waiting to be seen,


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