What is Meditation?

Do we know what is Meditation, not all the circus associated with it?

The word meditation has become so common between us, a popular buzzword, the government uses it, the doctors practise, the religious powers thrust upon us and all of the rest of it.

Also, we have the Indian Philosophy, the Zen, the Tibetans for us and the gurus inventing their types of meditation.

People wanting to go to places to meditate, to achieve, to have a peace of mind, now meditation just becomes another form of mere illusion, another form of amusement for us.

Is Meditation, something we know, or is it entirely different altogether?

What if we enquire without accepting any kind of authority, especially the one who is writing this, doubt me as well.

You know it is good to be sceptical for the flowering of new things, to be a sceptic to a certain point is the doorway to knowing.

Doubting is like keeping a dog on its leash, often you allow it to run free, let the dog occasionally go and have space around but you bring it back.

Meditation is not something you do, meditation is something entirely different, a movement into the whole question of our existence, into our living.

Meditation is seeing how we live, how we behave, whether we have fears, anxieties, sorrows, pains.

Meditation is seeing our pursuits, pursuits of the everlasting pleasure, whether we have built images about ourselves and about others and all the mischiefs that we entangle ourselves with.

Meditation comes only from putting a complete order, order into our inner house, order into ourselves.

Only when there is a complete understanding of what is disorder, what is confusion there is meditation.

If we understand for ourselves of why are we in utter contradiction with ourselves, why there is this constant struggle between the opposites within ourselves, we are invariably in meditation, now we have the freedom to look the actuality of life and not theoretically,

Then, meditation reveals itself to you.


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