Does water says a lot more to us in life?

“A person of great virtue is like the flowing water. Water benefits all things and contends not with them.

It puts itself in a place that no one wishes to be and thus is closest to Tao.

A virtuous person is like water which adapts itself to the perfect place.”

Lao Tzu wrote in Tao Te Ching. This profoundly speaks about the supreme intelligence that water carries in life. The sereneness of the flows, fearlessly swimming along with the current, making it look so effortless and natural.

Water, apart from saving billions of life on the planet, have the immense qualities of love and benevolence that we all can learn a lot from.

Water understands life, so it flows, accepting all the resistance on its way, so soft yet so powerful.

Today, Resistance has become the biggest enemy to mankind. Why do I say that?

At times we disrupt the natural flow of current in our life, we are tied on the contradictions of life, trying to wrap and catch hold-off of all the turmoils and so does it multiplies.

Let’s face it, all the major processes like that of blood circulation, the digestions, the healing of a wound in the body are all conducted by our body itself. Do we have any stake on it?

Still, we find ourselves stuck in this petty round box inside our head. Let’s try to accept things as they are, giving way to the beauty to flower within us. And so Fighting never works internally, acceptance does. He adds,

“There is nothing in this world that is softer and meeker than water.

Even those that can conquer the strong and hard. Are still not superior than water.

Nothing can substitute it. Hence, what is soft can overcome the strong. What is gentle can overcome the strength.”

Water is soft but has its effect are huge and monstrous. It can destroy the hardest of substances in the world. But at the same time, it sustains and harbours life, nourishes us and not seeking anything in return, embracing life as its very part.

Likewise, often we consider being hard and tough is the way of life, but there is a separate dimension of energy in play, in being soft and humble to the world around us. Only a person with a greater understanding of life has the power to be magnanimous and generous. And so he says,

“His mind is like the deep water that is calm and peaceful.

His heart is kind like water that benefits all.

His words are sincere like the constant flow of water.

His governing is natural without desire which is like the softness of water that penetrates through hard rocks.”

No matter how turbulent and how noisy the surface of the water be, but deep down it is poised with calmness and equanimity, of warmth and peacefulness. It lets go of everything.

We also have that infinite stillness within us, it’s all the same for anyone and everyone.

Yes, we all are very different externally, with different potentialities but deep within we all are the same.

Let us all tap into the supreme intelligence of life and unleash the infinite potentials in ourselves like that of water.

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