Fighting never works internally, acceptance does

One day she gathered up all her courage to speak up, and pour her heart out about all the things that she felt is needed to be fixed, tried telling her sister that if things aren’t working well, it’s better to walk off from it.

She desperately wanted her to choose Happiness over Responsibility. She wanted her to choose Freedom over Bondage. She wanted her to choose Life over Death internally.

All she wanted for her is to live before she dies.

But, things never changed after that, but what did change is she had shrugged off the burden of not speaking up to her. She too had her share of “Acceptance in life”.

But now she remains in peace because she has given it all.

Even Google speaks out a lot about Acceptance. They say “Acceptance is the ability to unconditionally value all parts. That means you acknowledge all…”

The very definition never works in the internal world. The “wiki how” and everything that the Goggle pours out to us is a great service in achieving something extraordinary externally, but it never solves our internal conflicts.

Nothing in life can be your best teacher, then the very “Experience of your life”. Your experience never lies to you in this chaotic noisy world of wonders.

Accepting all the worst side, the bad stuff and perceiving the beauty of the darkness does help. See, the moment you try to fight and negate it, they inevitably give rise to the “Sense of Reality” in it, making it even stronger than before.

Everyone and everything craves attention in life and so does the darker stuff too. Giving space to it and letting it flower does help miraculously in life. The worst of nightmares in your life will fall apart, the moment you try to be interested in it and looking at them closely without being afraid and running away from it.

Acceptance is not about giving up but seeing the very fact that life is perfect the way it is. It’s about seeing the order in everything around us.

Acceptance isn’t a compromise, it’s just about choosing to live, without rejecting anything in life. It’s about allowing the mere bad things to happen in life because, at the end of the day, it is just a “mere standpoint” in this huge infinite ocean of life.

And so fighting never works internally, acceptance does.

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