Finding life amid suffering

World with all of its sufferings

Today, the world is suffering. Troubles are multiplying every day. We are indeed sensing tough days ahead of us.

The impact of the catastrophe has been overwhelming on our lives. Small businesses and the new start-ups are dying out fast leaving fewer hopes of reviving. People are invariably losing jobs, facing miseries and troubles in their lives.

What is more upsetting is the media and the news channels, having a debilitating approach in portraying the present scenario.

It tends to be hard dealing with the distractions when you are aiming to do something productive and meaningful for yourselves. However, what we can do in our part is try distancing ourselves from the noises as much as possible. We can tryreaching out for a better future.

Here are some of the things, you should consider trying.

Consuming less of the world around us

We are in a constant consumption in life

There has always been a widespread increase in the media and information junk. They are bombarded on us, overflowing from all the directions. Today, we just have too much of everything and anything in our lives.

We all have the necessary information over the internet available to us for achieving our goals. But the problem is they are hidden beneath the dump of contents and information which have got nothing to do with our lives. We can all try our hands-on consuming the ones that are relevant for us in our lives.

As rightly pointed out by Herbert A. Simon “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention…”

Feeling healthy about yourselves

Ditching the junk from our plate

Apart from consuming less of the world around us, you can always try being more aware and conscious of the food that you consume.

Also, we are compulsive eaters by our very nature. If we can only observe the disorder within ourselves and do the act of eating consciously, you have made an important start to a new beginning of life.

Then, we can even see how the body reacts after a meal. As rightly mentioned by an Indian Yogi “Food is not a religion, morality or ethics… It’s about having a sense of what to eat and what not to eat”.

Respect the nature

Nature has its own beauty

Today, deep down we all realise that we have stretched the nature far too much than we should have. Sooner or later we will realise that we human beings are not the dominating force in the world but just a part of it in this huge cosmos.

We must all look forward to being holistic in our approach to life without messing up the world with our personalised ideas and concepts.

Let us all be responsible for everything around us and make the world a better place to live in.

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