Want to develop presence after the Lockdown? (with Actionable Solutions)

Now Present yourself with the “Presence” and bring all the difference in your life

Lockdown has inevitably taken a heavy toll on us. We can all figure out the financial aspect of it and how it is affecting our lives and our growth in the exterior world and what price do we have to pay for our collective karmas.

On the midst of the mayhem all around us, do we dig deep on the spiritual aspect of it? I wonder we even think about it. Do we allow ourselves to face life as it is in the field of “presence”?

Get free from the busy cycle

We are busy complaining. Complaining about all kinds of things happening around us.

We are all limited and confined to our small places, all these aren’t pleasant particularly if you aren’t doing well.

It is time that we break free the shackles of all the history behind and concentrate on what really matters to us in our lives to experience the true immensity of life.

We have learnt valuable wisdom

Human beings always want freedom from anything and everything be it how small it be. Something in us always wants to be set free and be alive.

Yes, it’s a different issue that today we have found ways to overlook it in our daily life and continue being the prisoner of our minds and the world has helped us immensely in it.

The false sense of me the ego loves complaining and always plunge on it and we are tricked again and again in this vicious circle.

We have learnt to CARE about life.

Get aligned with the awareness

Now, there are glimpses of opening to the dimension of Awareness, the Consciousness that we experience without the interference of thought. It does show its presence before fading away.

There has to be a moment of aliveness. As we have somewhat ample time in our hands at the moment. I pray the trap of entertainment series is not killing you from life at this point of time.

Realise the high of “Presence”

See the world isn’t here to make you and me happy. The world has never been that way. Please tell me one point of time in your life when the world has been perfect.

It has never been and it will never be so. It is here to challenge you and me and it is doing that now as well.

Please let go of the narratives and you will be in the high of the “presence”. The presence filled with love, the warmth which can’t just be filled with the famous intoxications that we all crave for in our lifetime.

Even for a split second or so please make it happen for yourself. You will be bewildered to sense the immensity of presence, as I am.

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