If only you can see, if only you can see.

Now that the truth has revealed itself to you, will there be any question left to answer?

Will there be mind, claiming to be so ruthlessly powerful to sneak back in its old ways. Surely it will try all its tricks, deceit you and let you stay away from it. And so will life be, surprising you with all of its flabbergasting dishes.

But the truth will be shining forth, accepting and relishing everything it’s served with. Truth doesn’t need to be proved or need the approval of any kind.

It’ll just be there, for you to see.

Also, the truth won’t be bothered or affected by your witty choices. Just like the Gravity which is the same for everyone, either you know it or don’t. The truth won’t be eager to form its conclusions or even try to convince you of it.

It’ll just be there, for you to see.

Now, you have the freedom to choose. Freedom to either entangle yourself with your very conditioning and beliefs or get emerged into the unfathomable truth beaming at you.

Only time will tell, what you choose.

But for now, the bliss is all yours, to see and to treasure on.

To see that you are the truth beneath all of the deceptions.


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