Is there any psychological evolution in time?

A child goes through adolescence growing out to become a man takes time, like a seed planted requires time to become a full-fledged tree.

From the wheels on roads to that of the jets, it took time to bring to the success of the very act through the repeated evolution externally with the all necessary information needed at that point.

We are all dependent on time, the whole human progress develops with time, to manifest them in the world of forms and beings. We have achieved technological and infinite excellence in our lives with time.

Therefore, evolutions always exist in the external environment.

But, we arrive with the same approach of the external world to that of the internal world, the world of the psyche in our lives. What does the very “psychological time” mean? What role does it play in our lives?

Is there any psychological evolution at all to look up to in our life?

Psychologically we are always focused on time. “I am not this, but I will be that”, we all have the act of saying “I will be happy”, “I will be peaceful” and so forth.

All the organisations both worldly and the so-called religious are based on time. For them say, I will achieve enlightenment through practice with time, through repeated mantras and the mechanical processes of time.

But, is there any internal freedom in time?

Do we attain the freedom with time or do we just shun the very “fact” with all the amusements that we entangle ourselves with?

Time in itself brings the very divisions, division of “the act of becoming”.

We never approach anything in life simply. We all have the evergreen Opinion and Judgements thatwe have gathered with time ready for us at our very disposal, too eager to accept or deny with our active minds playing constantly in the background.

Therefore, the division is born already.

Attending to something and discovering internally requires freedom, freedom to look and observe life.

That is when the psychological evolution dissolves and the very fact remains, naked for you to see.

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