Life will never spare you. Don’t make the mistake

Here’s a thing about life, life never spares you. We are inevitably accountable for everything and anything we do in our lives.

Surely life is a gift, but do we sense that in every moment of our lives? Years back, when I was down and out, alone and stranded in dismays, when life was all over the place, puzzled and confused about everything, I didn’t see it.

Yes, I was being complacent enough with life, taking things for granted. Maybe I was not being accustomed to the real pain and sufferings of human mankind, being privileged enough not to have experienced the crisis that many people go through in their lives.

But, there is always a teaching for you in every walk of life if at all you’re ready to grasp them. That’s the beauty of life.

You see “Diminishment” is bound to come sooner or later in our lives. Be it, you’re striving at your fullest potential or just living for the next thing to happen in life. They’ll surely knock the doors of your life.

It only depends on how well you meet them. You see it as a monster, a deity or demon to let it strike by and sabotage your life or an incredible thing to make you a stronger and wiser being, it’s entirely on you.

Perhaps it’s too much to ask for now, if everything is falling out at the right place and the right time for you, but inevitably you will find that, as the years roll by.

When life happens, without us being at the driver seat, we are bound to topple over in life in some form or the other.

But, what if we are prepared for the fall even before it happens to us?

What if we realise the very fact that everything, every single thing that we experience in our life is temporary and nothing can ever last forever.

And not just realise but see it and feel the immensity and the magnitude of this very statement.

Then the magic happens. Then life just doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life with sheer will and intensity.

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