No, she isn’t afraid of life!

And then she turns 23. Life’s getting serious around her. Now, she needs to earn, earn to live, earn to survive, earn to hold her family upright.

But deep down she dreams of going to a far off, to free herself out of the cocoon of life, where everything just holds of absolutely little significance to her.

Like already?

Life has never meant the same for her as for everyone. She doesn’t want the temporary buzz of kicks and desires and sensations. She zeros herself from all the distractions of the world, from all the constant buzzing of the information around her, from the restlessness that emanates around her.

She can’t stand being on a void, leading a hapless empty life, she seeks for meaning, meaning in everything and anything she does in her life. She seeks “Purpose”. Boy does she seeks one!

Life has never meant the same, as for everyone around us. No, it’s not that she is afraid to go out and do something miraculous for life. She isn’t escaping, neither does she plans for one.

She just doesn’t want to be “struggling”, she’s shying away from burdening herself with all the added pressures and worries of the world, already “contented” with her present self, with her real self, with her Infinite self (if that at all makes any sense to you).

Seeing all of these makes one scream.

Oh, the mighty Brain! You have some much to offer.

So limitless are your stories of life. So simple yet so complex are you, with all of the never-ending meshy webs of life you carry in the small round-peg structure of yours.

Oh, the mighty Brain! so limitless are your possibilities.

So limitless are you.

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