Nothing can invade the Infinite Self within you

If we see life as the waves, which comes and strikes us with its stark intensity and falls back, resting to its shores, then today we’re seeing them in the form of the “Corona Waves” which is yet to settle back in its coast.

As we all are getting acclimatised and are bathing into its shores, there are life happening around us which its full vigour and passion.

Focusing on the positives of the coronavirus

On the midst of all the crisis that we are facing, there is a much better thing that is happening to our dear planet.

As the global economy is going through a “comatose state” and as soon as we have withdrawn our footsteps from nature, the “Other lives” in the planet took over with their share of life which they always deserved to have.

Do you know that we are being able to see the Himalayas in some parts of the country for the very first time after a whooping span of 30 years? The ozone layer of almost 1 million square km is healed by our planet earth. Also, greenhouse gas emissions have been lowered substantially due to the closure of the factories. Even the air quality has bettered over the past months as well.

Our nature is evolving through the crisis that we human being have created in the very first place.

It’s like, when are we giving up on our lives, the earth is in the process of healing itself silently.

As “One’s misfortune is another’s joy”.

We too will Evolve through this

When the so-called “The Practically Unsinkable Ship — The Titanic” sank into the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, the whole shipping industry went through a drastic revolution in itself. The “intellect” then found its way out to shine and overcome the challenges and situations it had been put through.

Likewise, we Evolve too in our lives, as a writer or a singer who grows with the repeated honing and nurturing of its skills, with the rigorous uncompromising practise and being with the discomfort of the repeated failure. Eventually, we come out with the best version of ourselves.

We’re no doubt the most advanced species that has ever walked on this planet, yet we remain Vulnerable in our very approach to life. Now nothing but the vulnerability is put forward, reflecting us in an obvious form in our lives.

Consequently, we too will shine through this major crisis of our lives.

Eventually, our “intellect” will learn from the very experience and Evolve to be a better version in us.

The One Infinite Self which remains forever

There’s something deeper and more subtle form permeating through us, that not even the “Mighty Coronavirus” or any other foreigner invaders can ever touch or destroy.

It is this Self, the Stillness beyond of all the life forms, untamed and forever shining forth amid all the suffering and pains of our lives, the one which survives through all the adversities. The self which experiences thevery evolving nature in all of us.

There is something within us, beyond everything, that will last forever.

Finally with everything that we go through

Life will eventually do its part, to evolve and grow with all the adversity it comes in terms with. But the “One Infinite Self” within us will forever remain intact gleaming through eternity, ready to be rejoiced and cherished, for the one who dares to sees it.

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