What is Love?

Theologians have written volumes, the priests have given tremendous significance to it.

Every man has given their personalised meaning and also the world of the film industry has dominated this subject for ages and made trillions of wealth.

Since our very childhood, we have been imposed with certain conclusions on our minds, knowingly or unknowingly we have created our inclinations accordingly.

Have we ever tried to discover for ourselves on the meaning of the word “love”?

Most importantly does one have time to even ponder upon it?

We all are busy earning a living for ourselves (not that it isn’t important), busy in our minds, getting entertained, busy in satisfying our petty sensations which always crave for more.

To find out anything new, one needs tremendous energy, patience, which heavily lack in us. Very few will encourage you to ask these questions because it’s not profitable financially.

Is love pleasure? (For most of us, it is, sensory pleasure and that dominates the entire world and also with it goes all kinds of sufferings, jealousy, desire to possess, hatred and all the rest of it).

Is love desire, remembrance? Or is it something entirely different altogether?

I believe one should ask questions about everything in this world.

It requires a very sharp mind, a mind which is alive, fresh all the time and not mechanical, not heavily loaded by words and information because that has made us believe that we know everything about anything in this world.

Unfortunately, we take that as intelligence. Any smartphone is more intelligent enough than any of us, human beings. Don’t we see that?

Once we sincerely begin asking questions to ourselves, life doesn’t remain the same anymore. Because wisdom comes only out of self-knowing.

So, what is love?

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