What are we without words?

We human beings have mastered the art of churning and playing with words and the information inside ourselves, tied with the infinite ocean of words and knowledge we’ve gathered and accumulated in our lifetime.

We are so caught up in mere Words, Symbols, Conclusions, Ideas, Opinions, Pleasing the Outside World, our Dear Gullible society and most importantly our Empty Selves. But does that work besides Some Monetary Rush of Sensations inside of us?

What stops us from questioning ourselves? From being accountable to ourselves? Is it because we are not taught this way? We have been taught to follow, to obey life, to be in the Cocoon of the Understandings of the fellow world.

What stops us from being us?

Do we ever attend to any of these questions raw, unfiltered without any of the baggage of our past knowledge, prejudices, lust, greed, pleasures and all the rest of it?

Do we ever try to be uncomfortable for once in our lives, uncomfortable of not knowing ourselves? No, because our minds never tolerate being insecure, always demanding answers for every possible thing. However, if it doesn’t find answers, it will invent one with its mere assumptions.

When we do try understanding with the help of the past information we have gathered, we are already stuck in our past which is old, stale, dead, there isn’t any freshness, aliveness to it. Besides, just recycling the past.

Perhaps, the most arduous things to do in life is to be fully aware and attend to our inner selves, pouring out everything that we got to a thing and not burdening ourselves with the network of our past conditionings, without any of our selfish motives.

If we do however then, what are we without words?

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