Why have we gone so far?

You see living onto life, we all have somehow managed to discover the answers to our physical sufferings. We have made tremendous advancement in the field of science and technology. As a result, we are making unimaginable progress in the external world, hardly anyone could have ever imagined decades ago, nor even the royals of the very past.

But in the midst of it, we are suffering internally. There’s still misery, conflict, crisis, brutality, aggression inside of us. No doubt, we’re indeed the most privileged of all the generations that have ever walked on this planet, but internally we are poor, empty within ourselves.

We have also marvellously discovered a network of escapes for the psychological sufferings we deal with, in our daily lives.

The advancement in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) had an unimaginable impact on our lives. Every single moment we are being tracked by them. Our habits, inclinations and every move are closely monitored, scanned and studied by a vast group of people for their vested interest, for building empires and mansions for themselves.

Little do we realise the intensity at which we’re being gushed by the tsunami of information we find ourselves surrounded by.

Today, we have the world in our hands. But do we have ourselves with us? Are we not losing sight of ourselves in this?

We, human being have sorely lacked and fallen behind in terms of understanding of life. We should have been the most joyous of all the generations if we’re indeed the most fortunate ones of all. Hasn’t it even occur to you?

Where have we missed out? Why have we gone so far from ourselves?

Why have we gone so far?

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