Let’s bind together in the International Day of Yoga.

With the social distancing tearing us apart, Yoga promises to bind us with the much-needed love and warmth in these tough times of our lives.

Today, International yoga day is observed all across the globe with love, serene and tranquillity.

The very root meaning of Yoga symbolises “Union”. Yoga unites our mind and body, most importantly uniting us with life. Yoga takes you to the very heart of your being.

Have you ever wondered the minds of the yogis? The secret – Yoga.

Yoga postures invented by the yogis long back, help you gain the right stability with your body so that your body becomes captivated in attaining the highest purpose in your life.

Sounds cliche? Why not give it a try and decide for yourself.

Now, what do you get?

Yoga works heavily on your nervous system. Do not underestimate the twisting and turning that you get to do in the yoga postures, the benefits are infinitely more than you have ever expected.

Yoga opens up millions of blockages in your body.

Whether you accept it or not, believe it or not, but we are infinitely more than the mind and the body. Yoga helps you attain that.

With Yoga, you are getting aligned into the vast infinite field of energy within you and you make an everlasting relationship with the being, with life.

Also, yoga teaches to accept things as they are (not as they should be), bringing order in us.

Yoga introduces you to the richness of life.

Everyone has the entry ticket to this infinite realm of the self with yoga, regardless of your health or age. Yoga doesn’t discriminate with anyone.

Yoga helps you achieve the calmness tearing apart the restless mind and reduces the stress level in your body Even-more yoga helps to heal the major ailments like that of Parkinson’s and cancers.

Yoga can be done anywhere and everywhere, even now while you’re reading this piece.

Let us all bind infinitely together with each other in this auspicious International Day of Yoga and make this world a better place to live in.


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