Is It Possible To Live Beyond Words

Have you ever wondered upon the words we use in our lives? We use words in describing things, events, people or anything that we surround ourselves with.

For example, say we use the word “Apple” in the description of a fruit. Does the very word “Apple” say anything about the very core essence of that fruit?

The ESSENCE of that fruit will inevitably remain the same, be it whatever name we tag them with. If we change the name from apple to “Kapple” say, then what difference will it make to the quality and the sweetness of it?

Therefore, what do words mean in actual lives?

Lost with the jungle of words

Words have been created by us only for our convenience. We use words to communicate in a better way. 

Yet we are lost with the jungle of words distancing ourselves with the actuality and the ACTUAL DIRECTION that the Word tends to points out to.

Living with the words

By living with the words, we strengthen our beliefs and dogmas about the same. Now we are giving a marvellous welcoming to the WORLD OF ILLUSIONS

Also, we identify ourselves with a country, religion and all the rest of it. These sensation has become so important to us.

Where does it exist in our lives? Isn’t words just an ideology we entangle ourselves with?

So, What are we without words?

Living with the Awareness 

Words, if kept just as a signboard to describe something, is marvellous, but if it becomes the thing, then doesn’t it harm it very overall essence of it? 

If we just keep aside the movement of words even for a moment, something new arises out of the “FRESHNESS OF AWARENESS“, which words cannot possibly envision.

Life is much more than just mere labelling of words. Once we leave aside the cocoon of words, life unfolds to you in a whole new level altogether.

So, is it possible to live a life beyond words? 

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