Is there life possible without death?

Brain surrounds us with its vast possibilities and complexities

Across times and culture, Science has pointed us with the “Realities of life”, crossing away all of our beliefs and dogmas in our lives. Science has indeed provided us with the vehicle of reality to ride upon.

But does it tells something more than that? In quantum physics, the nature of the universe is different from what we perceive. The matter as we see is just energy at the quantum level.

Also, it teaches us that we can simultaneously exist in many places, under certain conditions. Now, do we have the experiential dimension to it? Does it tells us anything about the quality of life?

Birth and death are the two sides of the same coin

Deepak Chopra points us to the Consciousness that sets us free from the realm of life and death

Do you know there are millions of cells in our body die committing suicide? They kill themselves when they find themselves no longer useful for our body, also termed as programmed cell death in biology.

It is the death which invigorates life in us. The moment we try to have a tiny hold of life, we have already lost it to its past. Death can inevitably be seen as a creative process. It is only because of the death that we are experiencing the magnitude of life.

A new beginning with the death

Death makes it possible for the birth of the new in life

Do have to negate one to grasp the other? It is only when we tweak and broaden our very perception of life, death becomes extremely important to us.

So, can we give way to a new beginning with a harmony of life and death?

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