Craving to form opinions?

Seeking to acquire knowledge about others? We at times tend to go easy on ourselves with our personalised beliefs and dogmas in life. But do we dare to question our beliefs?

Our minds never see the “Whole” in any story that we tell ourself with. We always fail to have a holistic in the approach to our lives. 

Do we know anything about anyone in Totality? Let alone others, do we know everything about ourselves? So, isn’t the opinion Inaccurate? What makes us so keen to serve the “Cocktail of memories” within us?

Minds are driven by our own personalised belief. We love stealing bits and pieces of something fitting everything according to our convenience. 

This is us. This is me.

Do we know everything about us even?

Our mind catches the “Fragments” holding on to the bits and pieces of life. And then it gets the better of it. Do we see that? So, again it boils down to the very fact that we are never free to look in life. 

There is always a rush of everything going on in our life. Thanks to the scintillating trap of the famous social media websites. Social media has successfully boggled a huge impact on our lives. 

We scroll thought the Instagram post judging to that “like” and the “dislike”, making the brain cells trigger for more and more and more. Does it ever stop? Most importantly is it healthy for us? 

So who help us? Who do we Lean on?

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