Life Is An Incredible Journey: A Poem by Prateem

Many walked in this planet,
All Left with empty hands.
Few leaned deep, in search of meaning.
Few interested to live without the influences of the world around.

And there were few for whom Absolute Freedom is what mattered the most.

Yet there’re dozens of books, videos and films about life.
They share their trail to the journey.
They hustled for what they truly believed in.
And not on what the world wanted them to accept with.


Life isn’t bothered about Goals you’ve been working so hard upon.
Feeling shallow the other moment when it’s gone.
Life isn’t about the fulfilment of Desires.
Or about the Avoidance of Pain and miseries.

It’s all about the journey we decide to set ourselves in.
It’s about the journey that truly matters deep within.

About LIFE?

Every moment something or the other creeps in.
Every moment something or the other breaks in.
Evolving and carving itself,

Only to beautify and charm you with the next.

It’s like we’re all riding on the same train,
Riding with the destination that isn’t certain.
We are but on a Journey.

A Journey of Life.

After all, life isn’t a point to be reached.
That’s the Beauty and a curse for few at least.

I know I’m not making sense for some.
But for few, they already know,
They’ve already sensed where I aim to come.

But, in the end, does it matter anyway?

Life remains to be an incredible journey,
A journey we’re all riding in.

Let’s enjoy our short stay.

And yeah,


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