Let Your Magic Flow: Decide To Create Without Judgements

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Are you too scared about posting your craft online? Are you battling on the judgements, their judgements

It happened to me as well. I waited for the best possible draft, for the best content to create. Very soon I realised that the best was no way near. I was but deluded into the mist of haze, drowned by the feeling of imperfection. Yes, I was.

Perfection is a mirage

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It is. The more you try seeking it, the moves further away from you. I have realised that it’s just about showing up with the relentless amount of “shitty work” (if you may call it), for something extraordinary to blossom in life.

Of course, there’s this certain mastery of skills that go along the process. But there’s one thing that we fail to acknowledge. It’s the move towards being vulnerable is the most important above all. Isn’t’ it?

It is we who create the standards.

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There aren’t any set standards. Sometimes to fit into the best coherent minds of the society, we ignore something worthwhile that we create. We fail to put out the work right from the heart, the work that truly matters for us. We reject, tearing apart the craft that actually could have had the potential to go the distance. 

History tells us the same

harry potter book on the table


Time and again, we see people going against the norms, putting out their piece of art which were turned down in the first place.

For instance, what were those 12 publishers thinking when they rejected J.K. Rowling’s, Harry Potter. Sure they were publishers, well established in their respective field. They did have enough knowledge and expertise in their work. Didn’t they? What did they miss out on? Why couldn’t they instead see the magic in it? 

Create from the heart, letting the magic flow.

man sitting and drawing

Once you take off this desire to prove something to anyone, we create from the heart. Ethan Hawke made a great piece on it. He describes this beautifully in the TED video. (Give yourself permission to be creative- Full Video)

So, let the magic flow and your heart speak. That’s when you decide not to impress, but only to express. It’s what defines you and sets you apart.

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