Ever Observed The Nature Of Your Mind- Chaos

Mind, a vehicle to the wonderland, 
Even a marvellous tool for self-destruction

Have you ever seen the nature of your mind? Have you ever peaked within? 

No, I am not talking about the intellectuals and the knowledge that we feed. Neither I am focusing on the stuff that provides you with capsules of pleasures within. Rather, I am asking you of being quiet to the whole movement of the chaos within. Ever been quiet to the disorders and the clutters that rule us and control our actions in life? 

With all the glory that we savour with our sharp intellect, the nature of the mind is also to remain utterly confused and in the state of conflict.

For how long? Forever...

The mind loves dwelling, clinging and latching onto something or the other. Otherwise, where is the existence of the mind anyway?

All I tell you to do is just Act, Act fearlessly

The mind will never tell you to ACT. Do you see that? It always tells you to think and rethink and rethink… And there’s always the other option which is even better, no matter how marvellous the present one be.

The mind always seeks the other. Isn’t it so?

So, ACT with whatever reasoning and understanding you have in your bag. There will always be this series of If’s and But’s for the mind to come about. After all, it is what it does the best anyway.

Therefore, all I tell you to do is just ACT. Will you?

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