Hugging Life Into Your Arms

All we try to do is to reach from one place to another; demand a sense of security inwardly. We are in the process of becoming, creating a pseudo self with all the conclusions, ideas and beliefs. And so in the process, we capture, holding onto the happiness; the satisfaction and the extraordinary sense of peace we experience.  

Only to find out that life isn’t about living with the ingredients of the pasts, nor be captured or drawn conclusions. Little did the limited entity know; life isn’t about capturing and keeping it safely under the pillow. But to be lived from moment to moment, being intensely alive to the fragrance of life. 

It’s when we’re open, actually open to the discomfort of the unknown, we discover the newness and the freshness of life. It is then when you live, paving the way to an extraordinary sense of beingness within.

Hugging life into your arms.

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