Do We Actually Have Control Over Our Lives?

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As the legendary singer, John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

Look closely. Do you have control over your life? Do you possess any control over your thought which comes and goes without your notice? If we did, would we have chosen a nasty thought in the first place?

But wait. There’s good news too.

We do have some control over our lives.

We can always attempt to consciously plan our actions and choose to do something in the future. We can respond. We can give our own set of meanings and interpretations about life.

But when it comes down to the moment-to-moment choices, a very tiny portion is what we have control over.

You are forever free from the play of life

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Is it freedom, when we can control a very tiny portion of our life?

True Freedom is when you realise that it doesn’t actually matter what your petty interpretations of life is all about. It doesn’t actually matter what you choose to have them anyhow.

Do they even matter after 100 years, after 150 years? What significance will it have then?

The fact is that nothing remains forever

The Very fact that the “me”, with which you identify yourself, will eventually perish away into the debris, deep down into the soil, only to be eaten by the profound sets of flies, Corpse-Eating Beetles, and even Bugs.

And the next day after you die…

The sun will rise again. The sun will shine with its light, serving life on earth.

In short, the world will run perfectly fine with all its dreams and aspiration about the future.

So Play, just Play

“Once the game is over, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.”

You are life. Rest all are just a play of shapes and forms. You lose some, then you gain some. And again you lose some and in the end, you lose it all.

So play. Just play.

Because your true self shines through eternity anyway.

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