Who Am I Then, Do You Ask? – Poem by Prateem

I was sad,
I was worried,
I was depressed and lonely, low on energy,
Experiencing resistance within,

Now I am feeling energetic,
Now I am full of life, inspired from within
Now I aspire and have dreams to achieve.

With all the countless new pieces of information,
With all the fast fleeting feelings and energy in motion,
With all the innumerable sensations happening within me,
With thoughts, arising and dissolving, arising and dissolving.

-One Thing I Know is,
They keep changing and evolving for sure, 

They’re but fast fleeting in the blink of an eye, 
Like a train whizz pass by,
From one station to another.

No, I am not denying
Defying its reality. 
They surely exist
And is taking place
Within us.

But look closely- 
Aren’t you changing?

With every tick of the second,
Minute by minute,
Moment by moment,
Aren’t you changing?

Who am I then, Do you ask? 

Do you ask?

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