Such Is The Nature Of Our Being – A Poem by P.S.

picture of many hands in a trunk

Let come what comes, let go what goes.
See what remains.”

Ramana Maharishi

Far away from each other.
Where distance,
Dawn upon us.

Torn and apart, are we?


Unknown is me to you,
Unknown is you to me.
Whosoever we are.
There is no one alone.

We share the same old grief.
Loss and disappointment.
The moments of joy,
And contentment.

We all go through life.


I am You,
You are Me
Yes, it is true.
Deeply connected are we.

Try as much as you want in your mind,
But the true nature is always here to bind.

Then Aren’t We The Same After All?


So, all it takes,
For you to be simple.

And in the blink of an eye,
You see the reality, 
That you cannot deny.
Such is the nature of our being.

Such is the nature of our being.


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