Is There Anything Such As Good or Bad?

Good, bad – 
Is it what keeps us in the trap? 

Good is essentially a term given to a thing that is approved or desired. Bad describes poor or low standards. But who decides that? Us? Do we all have a common agreement on that?

Most importantly, does life run with the idea of good or bad?

Science has progressed enormously in the past recent years. Be it thriving on the seat of Artificial Intelligence and making our lives a little better each day. Science never fails in hitting the home run. It follows a golden rule that makes it almost unquestionable and undeniable. It is beyond the biases of the human mind. Do they depend on a common agreement, like ours?

So what is the golden rule? It is seeing reality as it is, seeing things as they truly are.

Once we keep aside all the labels of good or bad, we adopt a different lens to life altogether. It is the lens that is devoid of all the human contradictions and their fallacies.

Now things are kept simple. Now things are seen as it is, not as it should be, or needed to be.

So, is there anything such as good or bad? Or is it just a glorious enormity of the most powerful thing on earth- the human brain 🧠 ?

Once we are naked from within, 
and let go of all the securities,
beliefs that comfort, 
then life welcomes you with open arms.

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