Yes, They Are After You – Poem by P.S.

The world, 
A Market Place,
Full of noise.

The Big tycoons,
The giants of the morrow,
They are here for you
Or are they?

They are after you
Yes, they are desperately after you.
Ready to fall for you.
Ready to do anything for you.


Do you know the most valuable asset of today?

No, it is not-
The Graff Diamonds Watch,
The Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi,
The 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO,
Not even the Manhattan Parking Spot

It is You
Yes, it’s You.
You are the golden asset.


Priceless is you
Priceless is your attention.
It is worth a king’s ransom.

So, choose wisely,
Choose smartly,
Before you find yourself be the next,
To be trapped into the vicious web of the net.


Yes, You matter.
Your life matters.
Protect it,
Savour it,
Hone it.

Do not let anyone take it away from you.
No, not without your permission.
No, not even me.

Yes, they are after you.
Now they are after you.


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