Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Brain Healthy and Young! 

We all work with our minds, but little do we work for our minds.

Why is brain health important?

Our brain is responsible for taking all our major decisions and solving the complex problems of our lives. It helps us to communicate, make sense of the world around us. Maintaining a healthy brain is crucial in combating deadly diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers. 

What are the ways to improve brain health and memory?

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Walk for a healthy brain 

Go for a daily walk. The goal is to keep your heartbeat up and running. You can also include aerobics and vigorous exercise training to allow healthy blood flow in your brain. Your body releases endorphins and other positive brain chemicals during exercise. These chemicals play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy brain.

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Play challenging mental games

Your brain is a powerful tool. If not used properly, it can start degrading; faster than you notice. Exercise with games that challenges your brain. Start playing active mental games like chess, or learning new languages that exercise key and major portions of your brain. 

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Mind your head

Watch out! Protect yourself from concussions or any form of head injuries that can hurt your brain in the long run. 

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Have a positive outlook towards life 

Make a daily conscious choice to shift your focus from negative talks to positive ones. There is substantial evidence that shows that negative talks shrink your brain cells in the long run and the latter half of your life. Choose wisely, because your brain needs you to have a positive outlook on life.

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Invest in creating bonding and social interactions 

Scientists have found that people with less human interaction suffer from a substantial cognitive decline in their brain functioning. Isolation is a terrible state for your brain to be in. Because we are social animals, we crave bonding. Your brain is in a healthier state when it interacts with people with whom you love spending time. Actively seek out volunteering in events and occasions that interest you and involves social interactions.

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Create a meaningful purpose for yourself

Having a purpose isn’t just a fancy word reserved for entrepreneurial junkies of the morrow. You need a sense of purpose for better brain health. So, pick a cause that creates meaning and purpose for you.

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Eat for your brain

What food improves brain health? Almonds, walnuts. Seafood, broccoli are some of the best choices of food for your brain health. As written in the ancient texts of Ayurveda – “Every disease of your body starts with your gut.” The same principle applies to your brain too. Do not let your cravings overpower you. Cheat them with tricky, customised and delicious healthy food. Your brain will thank you for your choice!

How to check brain health at home?

You can check your brain health by taking a simple Brain Health Assessment Test here- Test My Brain


Lastly, it becomes equally important to acknowledge your small successes. Pat your back! Be proud of yourself after you take your tiny first step towards maintaining your brain health. 

Book Recommendations

Know how your brain works in certain situations and some of the famous tricks and techniques to keep your brain healthy and young. Here are some of the books that help you to achieve in-depth knowledge and understanding about your brain. 

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