Why Is The Entertainment Industry Killing You From Within?

Escape! That’s the first word that comes when we suffer in our minds. The next step is to run back to our personalised cocoons of entertainment and amusements. We all have our own escapes. Don’t we?

Mental uneasiness and discomfort take us over and over. We are but left hapless but to fall back becoming prey to our poor habits. I have seen that in me. Most probably, you did it too. Right?

Is Our Reality So Painful to deal with?

We know that the reality of entertainment is a constant simulation to our minds. It is a trillion-dollar industry that thrives upon our petty feelings and emotions. They provide us with temporary comfort, clothing our troubles and worries of lives.

As a result, we run away from the fundamental questions of our lives. We stop asking- Why Instant Gratification Holds You Back from Achieving What You Want.

Later this evening I came across a tweet. He wrote this to the captain of the Indian Cricket Team after the Team’s defeat – “You guys have a lot of privileges, You’ve 100 reasons to smile but our life is too small, we have lot of problems, cricket win is little part of our happiness, we forget our pain and enjoy victory of the nation. Please stop disappointing us

The worst part about entertainment?

What we see and capture within guide our actions. It influences our minds and in turn our choices. When we are heavily dependent on entertainment and external stimuli, we are hacked.

We create an idol in our minds. And with time, a follower is born. But are they truly real to begin with? Does our mind discriminate against them so easily?

What’s even worse is, big corporations such as Facebook and Instagram hire their in-house psychologists that constantly research and study human brains. They study our impulses and day to day behaviour. This is how the Social Media Giants Are Hacking Your Brain.

The one thing the mind is weak at – is being rational. Little do the mind act rationally in taking decisions and acting accordingly.

Is it too late?

Seeing and understanding the fact is an action in itself. We should know- What Is Self-Awareness and Why Is It Important. Only then we are liberated to act or not-to act and take charge of our lives.

No one has the right to capture your mind. You are here to fly high with love and joy; and live with freedom, free from all bondage and limitations!

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