Awareness: The Secret Sauce to A Success Story

Ever wondered what makes successful people stand out from the rest? There are but a billion bookshelves filled with self-help books, guides of the experts, the professionals with their studies and all the rest of it for your success. 

But do they tap on to their secrets? Yes, the practice and skill do shape the success of the person, glorifying their skills. But is that more to it?

Can we find a common thread that links all the successes?

Unwavering Focus on just ONE thing

They have all of their focus on limited things in their lives. That’s all they ever know.

You will see one thing common in every successful person. The secret sauce of success remains to be the amount of attention you put on into a task.

Identify the trap swallowing us from within

We are but drowned in the ocean of amusements. 

You will find something or the other grabbing your attention now and then. 

It’s like a race everywhere, you can say. Race of who grabs most of your attention. We are but an unfortunate product for them.

With all the goodness they offer to us, they do have a bad reputation for stealing our valuable time. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube- are some of the big giants in the race, trying all they can in hijacking our attention. 

So where’s the respite?

Awareness is the game!

Extraordinary results are determined by how narrow, in fact, the narrowest you make your focus to the one thing. 

As rightly said by a Hindu priest and an entrepreneur, Dandapani, ”Where awareness goes, energy flows”. Simple yet profound. Isn’t it?

The successful ones create patterns with awareness; work towards them to flourish and grow in their work. They deny being pushed and pulled by the forces of the world. And so should you.

So where do you focus your attention in life?

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