Change: A Brutal Truth of Life

Life teaches us valuable lessons, lessons that impacts and shapes us to the core. One such lesson is about CHANGE. Moving through life, little less do we see and experience the CHANGE in our lives. The noises of the mind eat up the majority part, leaving just a small slice to chew upon. Little less does the presence falls in the hands of our experience.

Now, even if we have achieved the desired result, the perfection we find after a series of best work, it is but isn’t far away from the verge of extinction.

As Pema Chödrön writes in her book, “Everything is changing all the time, and we keep wanting to pin it down, to fix it. So whenever you come up with a solid conclusion, let the rug be pulled out. You can pull out your own rug, and you can also let life pull it out of you. Having the rug pulled out from under you is a big opportunity to change your fundamental pattern. It’s like changing the DNA. One way to pull out your own rug is by just letting go, lightening up, being more gentle, and not making such a big deal.

You see every situation and circumstance brings a sense of challenge and obstacle within itself. The undeniable body that we carry, the chaotic mind that rules and the world we experience – they are all but subject to change They are bound to be in flux, alters with every split second. Everything breaks and forms at the same time, moving, changing and transforming in their own accord. It is the order beyond any of our limited concepts and ideas that we have. It is but the order of the utmost intelligence.

So in the reality of impermanence where change is the only constant, where do we settle? If change is the only thing that rules us, where do we rest? What remains anyway?

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