Why Being Stubborn And Ignorant Is Good For You? (With Actionable Solutions)

We associate passion and dedication as strong allies to a great life. Ignorance and Stubbornness are the traits that we perceive as negative or of bad taste. Then why are Stubbornness and Ignorance good for you?

Ignorance brings a fresh outlook to life

Let’s take the example of Charles Lindbergh. He was an American Aviator who has achieved extraordinary heights with the help of this negative characteristic- Ignorance. It is because he had no idea how difficult it would be to fly solo and nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean for 33 hours straight. It was his Ignorance that made him believe he could do it.

Succeed? Yes, he did. Lindbergh became the first person in the history of Aviation to fly from New York on one day and Paris on the next.

Often we associate Ignorance with darkness. But it also gives us a fresh perspective on any given situation. Sometimes too much information paralyses you to take action. In psychology, its called “Paralysis of Analysis”

For the sake of being calculative in the approach, we fail to bring something new to the table. We take actions based on past outcomes that are already fixed and determined. Hence, the pasts cycle revolves, taking away the scope of something new and fresh to arrive! 

Stubbornness is when you are ultra-focused 

During the early days of Macintosh, Steve Jobs was known for being notorious and stubborn in his approach to work. After all, he invented the famous Reality Distortion Field, where he used to the bent reality with his vision and insane beliefs. Later on, it became instrumental in guiding his company to innumerable heights.

As a result, Apple from its modest beginnings became one of the most successful technology companies in the world.

Therefore, Stubbornness is an essential tool that can help you stay dedicated and committed to your work, especially in difficult times. 

Being ultra-focused is doing things that are beyond the reach of human comprehension. It is at this point when you break all your limitations and boundaries in life. You do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.

The Takeaway

Every situation comes with an opportunity to help us grow from within. Often we stop dead in our tracks just when we’re about to achieve real success. Instead of just going for it, we overthink and fail to take the necessary actions in life. (I have seen that in me)

Remember, nothing can be written off or dismissed if understood and taken correctly in life.  

So, the next time you are Ignorant about a situation in life- it is a blessing!

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