Why Walking Less is a Serious Mistake You Are Making? (With Actionable Solutions)

Have you ever heard about sea squirt? It is a marine animal that lives on reefs, pilings and other hard surfaces in shallow waters. What’s interesting is that in the early stages of its development, the sea squirt darts around in rock pools in search of food. 

And so in the process, the young sea squirt develops one eye, a brain, and a spinal cord.

But, one day, the sea squirt undergoes a major transition. It finds a rock and attaches itself to it. Thereafter, it never moves again. It sticks itself in one place. Eventually, eating up its own brain, eye, and spinal cord. The same applies to us, human beings. 

Recent times has shrunk our lives, confining us to close doors. Our life revolves from bed to desk and to the sofa. And of course, we have cars and bikes replacing our all-important walk.

Do we underestimate the importance of walking?

Walking isn’t just a physical exercise that helps us lose belly fat, strengthen muscles and lower blood pressure. Its benefits extend much more than that. 

1. Enhance your well-being

Studies reveal that spending just an hour a week doing physical exercise lowers depression by 12 per cent! 

Walking has positive effects on the healthy functioning of the brain; producing newer brain cells that help us with better memory and sharp learning.

2. Lift-up your mood

Walking is the best medicine to elevate your mood. Ever been stuck at home all day? Don’t you feel a little grumpy by the end of the day? 

Scientific evidence shows that your personality changes when you don’t move around. Going for a daily walk leads to a higher level of openness, and receptivity in life. So it’s not just a change you are making – it’s a change for the best!

3. Open yourself to newer ideas

Walking makes you feel fresh, opening you up to newer ideas. Ever wondered why?

The brain has its own GPS network. It constantly updates itself as we walk and move around. As a result, we form new connections and we achieve a wider perspective and broader visions in our lives.

4. Walking boosts creativity

It is important to let your mind wander to retain focus and boost creativity. Walking helps you achieve that.  “The moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow,” said Henry D. Thoreau.

Walking stimulates parts of the brain around the hippocampus, which is actively involved in memory and cracking creative solutions. As a result, it enhances your creativity and problem-solving ability. 

Take a walk to solve a problem

In today’s times, we’ve been conditioned to spend our days indoors and sitting in one place without complaints. It’s time we break the habit and learn to love the outdoors again!

Getting out is a great motivation to move. Whether to build new brain connections, stimulate muscles, or reap physical and mental benefits, or just feel a bit better, for the time being, the solution is the same: a sweet little walk!

The next time you’re stuck in a problem, simply go for a walk!

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