This Is How Social Media Is Taking Away Your Life 

Photo Of Woman Using Mobile Phone

Can you relate to any of the following examples?

Sanya’s on a great vacation! She is having the time of her life!

Oh! Ron has finally got his big break! Look how happy he is!

Marya has this amazingly beautiful house and, I am living in this small rented apartment! Screw me!

Social Media.

For all the good things that it does, it takes away a crucial chunk of our lives and our mental health. 

It devoid us from being alone and self-reflective

Self-reflection helps us look deeper into our lives and see places where we went wrong. We work on things that require our most attention. Sadly, Social media takes that away from us. 

Our Focus is shifted to the outside world 

What’s worse is that it directs our attention in the wrong direction. With social media, We are so attuned to what’s cool and trending around us, that we lose grip of the intuitive nature of our lives.

Our Minds are at risk

The mind is in a constant battle to be better than the other. We focus on what’s other people is saying about us and our lives become less of an interest in the first place. This makes us vulnerable and we look for constant validation and acceptance. In the process, our true inner voice is drowned by the millions of other voices around us.

We let other people set the standards for us

We are having one eye on the outside and manage our lives with another. We lose sight of our own lives. Hence, we are left lonely in the huge vast world of illusion and self-ignorance.

A Key Takeaway

But with all being said, Social media isn’t all bad. It is a wonderful tool. It has enabled me to share and express my words to you. It allows us to connect with people across the globe. However, if the nastier side isn’t taken care of it has all the potential to take away our lives.

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