What You Get In The End (A Story To Be Told)

Life is a challenge. It is a constant battle, a battle to take the journey to the top, a battle to stay at the top. And eventually, in the process, LIFE KEEPS SLIPPING PAST US.

But hey, that’s for tomorrow. Let’s talk about today!

Today is a challenge for me. It’s a challenge to up my skills, upgrade myself- physically, mentally and emotionally, A CHALLENGE TO MANIFEST THE VISION I SET OUT TO ACHIEVE.

And then, there are those bigger challenges!

Challenge to fix the broken light, that keeps blinking shamelessly like the notorious ex of mine. Challenge to wash the leftover dishes lying in the sink for a long time now. So am I inspired? Absolutely not! I am still yelling at the electrician. I guess he needs some inspiration!. Talking about inspiration, many people presume that the words to greatness are kept for the later stages of life. THUS, CONTEMPLATION, INTROSPECTION GOES OUT FOR A TOSS.

As if Einstein had a genius switch that was found in a day!

But the worst part about life is that we don’t get anything in the end after all. Sad! but it’s true. What do we get is just a made-up and a self-perceived joy and happiness that too for a split moment. AND THEN THEY ACTUALLY GET VANISHED LIKE THE SMELLY FARTS INTO THE WIND (SORRY IT TOO ISN’T PLEASANT AFTER ALL)

So is it with life!

And the struggle continues yet again, with some newly formed beliefs, dogmas, and the self-perceived joys to achieve for tomorrow. Likewise, life keeps rolling! We are in this never-ending struggle to BECOME, to ACHIEVE MORE AND MORE…

Now the gold has been long stolen!

But did it have to be painful in the first place? Or all we needed was just a little new set of eyes to see something worthwhile, something worth taking a shot for? AND THEN THE MIRACLE HAPPENS. THE SUN COMES UP AGAIN.

Suddenly life becomes an all-loving and heavenly and magical place to live in!

So yes, there will be smaller issues and bigger issues to deal with in life. But keep in mind that they’re just a “GAME OF LIFE” to be played with love and warmth and an intense sense of presence and aliveness. BECAUSE IN THE END, ALL YOU GET IS “NOTHING”.


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