Why Worrying Is Actually Good For You? (With Simple And Smart Hacks)

Yesterday she was awake till midnight, twisting and turning from one end to another. She could feel her mind, her heart racing to a near-death. The more she tried to get out, the more she went in. And by morning, everything just remained the way it was.

We all know, worry affects our health and wellbeing. What’s more frustrating is that it doesn’t achieve to us anything. But sometimes it becomes impossible to help but to worry, and so we worry more and more. 

Why worrying was good for us?

In the earlier times, worrying was an important tool for our survival. The life of our ancestors was dependent on constant vigilance and alertness. Worrying proved to be an important mechanism for them. It actually protected them from getting eaten up by a predator.

But unfortunately, evolutionary hardwiring has remained with us ever since. Today, we aren’t constantly threatened by a tiger, but our brain remains anxious and worry the same way as before. Thus, human brains aren’t good enough in differentiating between a “Beast of Prey” and a tense Board Meeting. 

This makes worry and stress so common in today’s world. 

So, what do we do instead?

We understand the nature of the mind

Our brains do not care about setting up businesses or taking up risks for future gains. Our brain is simply designed to keep us safe and alive. This is the nature of our brain. Therefore, it focuses more on the negative aspects rather than all the list of positives of our life.

Consciously choose to be in a stressful state.

Envision the beauty in stress Another way to combat stress is to make a deliberate choice to get out of your comfort zone. This prepares you to be better equipped and ready to face a stressful situation. Doing this helps you in tackling and fighting stress with full force and agility. 

Know that the worry will go away sooner than you think

The only thing constant in our life is- Change.

Little do we realise that the state of worry is temporary. Therefore, worry isn’t going to last for long. As clouds can’t take over the sun for a long time, similarly, your peace cannot be taken over by the clouds of worry. 

Key Takeaway

The next time you are too worried and anxious about something, know that the brain is just performing in a normal and healthy manner. It is working hard enough to take care of you and your well-being.

So, let your brain know that you are perfectly fine and instead give the worry a bright little smile!

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