You Cannot Rule the Nature, not in this Way

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed” – Francis Bacon

Our life is taken care of by the laws of nature.

Nothing and absolutely nothing can bypass laws and dharmas of life.

A seed of cause is bound to yield its effect.

Science knows the fact.

So, they study causes that determine and brings forth the effects.

No, science does not bypass or change the law and the forces of nature.

All it does is, understand life with sheer intensity and focus.

As a result, it presents something miraculous to the world called “technology”.

But sometimes, we forget that we are part of the creation.

We forget that we are but the integral and inseparable part of the whole, the universe.

As a result, we create and live and die in our own small, petty and limited universe of our own.

And the scariest part? We create rules, beliefs and dogmas that confirms our universe.

We make it an impossible task for us to break free even if we’re in pain with it.

Eventually, we create ones that don’t go well to the “will of nature”.

What comes next is its consequences of the limited self within us.

Now we are trapped in the self-created web of life.

So what can we do after all?

We can live in-between the dualities of life.

We can learn to live to the bad (of our minds) as much as we live to the good.

We give the bad as much value as to the good.

Eventually, nature does its part.

It’ll nurture you!

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