What are we here for?

What are we here for? Do we ever ask sometimes?

The world is a marketplace– do we ever see?

Everyone is here acting with a motive, trying to sell you something or the other. Everyone’s here with a goal to reach, an objective to fulfil.

No one is here for you, definitely not for me. Even if they tell you, “Buddy! I am always there with you. No matter what I will always have your back“. Understand for sure that they have an agenda, a desire in the back of his mind. So, they have your back. It is because you matter to him/her.

We are thoroughly dependent psychologically…

We are always dependent on something or someone. You see dependency runs cheaply and sneakily through our veins. That’s how the world is designed and structured for you. The whole story of capitalism runs on this simple mantra- to make you dependent, to enslave you one way or the other.

And then life passes by. We start decaying. We get older with the passage of time.

We cant stop Running in this world…

We run to achieve. We thrive on success. As if that’s a point to reach. The importance of running has become so immense, that we are endlessly running from here to there. Never do we stop for a moment and ask why. The scariest part- nor do we even want to ask why.

What are our reasons for running?
1. Because we are told to do so
2. Because everyone’s running, how can I stop?

” So, today we became human doings rather than human beings”

All the chaos- for what..?

Then we talk about convenience. We preach about the importance of time in our lives. But have we ever stopped and asked for ourselves: for what?

What is it all about? What are we here for? Do we ever ask, what are we here for?

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