Cry of the Humanity – A Poem of Love

This is Us,
This is Us.

So trapped are we,
There is no room to be free.

Deep down,
We seek freedom,

But in the end, 
Bondage is what we get.

Success, acknowledgment-are for whom?
Only to chase for the next,
Never be home?

This is for us- the mighty humanity.
But life doesn’t care our might.

It goes on forever
And ever will,
without you and me.

Little does the clever mind notices
Nature’s intelligence is far superior
than our petty witnesses.

And now,
the end is nearer.

Life speaks to us,
It’s time to go, darling!

Everything that is mine
Starting to strip away

Terrified and petrified,
are we.

No time’s left,
But for a one last cry

Soon death approaches
in the blink of an eye

And it’s all over! 
Done and dusted- our life.

Cry of humanity prevails!

This is Us,
This is Us!

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