Can We Survive in a Society like this?

You are one thing at the office, another at home; you talk about Democracy, and in your heart, you are autocratic; you talk about loving your neighbors yet kill him with the competition. Are you aware of this fragmentary existence in yourself? Is it possible for such a brain to be aware of the whole field? Is it possible to look at the whole of consciousness completely totally, which means to be a total human being” -J Krishnamurti from the book Freedom from the Known

When it comes to Democracy, it stands for an idea, beliefs that make a society fair, inclusive: democratic, where we treat each other equally.

But aren’t we corrupt by our vert nature? We are constantly concerned about self-serving. Isn’t our upbringing based upon selfishness? Think about it, friends!

Autocracy is on the rise.

We talk about Democracy but deep within are programmed to live autocratic. It is one thing to look after the basic needs for our survival, which we all do to keep air moving into our lungs.

Yet, it is different to keep pleasing our never-ending cravings and desires that we all are influenced by and encouraged to pursue.

Aren’t our society designed to be desire-driven, fulfilling our demands even though at the cost of harming others?

Corruption begins in our minds.

Today, the corrupt minds have taken control of our lives. The me-centrism is fueled and sustained in us. It is at the center of our existence.

Then, how can Democracy ever work sanely in a corrupted society like this?

And the bigger question can Democracy ever survive as we live to be a despotic day in and day out, where the end is nowhere near us?

Can we move towards the Fact today?

Isn’t it the need of the hour to have a radical shift in the psyche of our awareness? Don’t we need to look into it not as a mere idea but as an actuality of it? Can you and I see and observe the truth of it?

Can we look at the danger of a life driven by mere selfishness and take action now and not leave it for tomorrow to be achieved or let it be a checklist to be ticked?

Therefore, with much love and sincerity, I ask you, can Democracy survive in a competitive society like this?

Person with slogan silence allows violence


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