Yes, I Choose To Live – A Poem to share

The Clarity faints,
The Clouds of Karma come to haunt
It Slaps- Slaps hard!

Nothing but the darkness seems ahead,
The Self-loathing and bites of Regret,
pinches all over me!

Stood up bravely,
with a mind that denies defeat.
But the defeat gets its last laugh.


I hit dashing onto the ground face first.
I cut myself!
With cries and pains all over me,
Nowhere to go- speaks the paralyzed little me!

The battle’s lost. (Mind shouts..)
But long from being over!

Still breathing- I am,
There is air in my lungs
and some years of pangs to live.

I get up! (Mind laughs sheepishly…)
To live, and not to survive is my bloody aim,
I take it all as a petty little game

And so I stood up and write to you-
Yes, I choose to live,
Yes, I choose to live!

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