If you are feeling heavy from inside, this is for you

“The nights are getting longer. There is anxiety. You have difficulty breathing. The emotions are high and treacherous.”

I have been there! For those who are feeling heavy from within, this is a small note for you-

  1. Slow down. Let it be. Just slow down. Connect with your inner self. Listen, it wants your attention.

  2. Connect with nature. Nature isn’t transactional like us. It serves us unselfishly. Isn’t that love?

  3. Be intentional with life. Take a little note of things that take place inside your head. Notice how the internal weather changes in the blink of an eye.

  4. From lust to loneliness; from happiness to sadness; from anger to love- see how the chameleon mind switches itself from one emotion to another, one feeling to another.

  5. Observe. There is a sense of peace and freedom in observing emotions and feelings that run our lives like a little puppets. I have been that puppet. Don’t you be! 

  6. Do not miss the power of the present moment. The present moment is much more powerful than we think. Let life open up to you. It won’t be too long when peace fills you up within.

The heaviness will disappear even before you notice. You will be a joyful being yet again!

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