Is it Impossible to erase your past?

It is impossible to erase your pasts,It is impossible to delete your bad memoriesOld Habitual patterns have energies of their own,They sustain in the form of Compulsiveness and Blind Reactions. However, what is possible is facing your pasts head-on,What is possible is accepting and letting your emotions playYou have all the strength to let that… More

Woman Looking at Her Laptop

If you are feeling heavy from inside, this is for you

“The nights are getting longer. There is anxiety. You have difficulty breathing. The emotions are high and treacherous.” I have been there! For those who are feeling heavy from within, this is a small note for you- Slow down. Let it be. Just slow down. Connect with your inner self. Listen, it wants your attention. Connect… More

Are you itching to your killer habits?

Moving along in life we are always told what to do and what not to. We make up ideas, stories, and most importantly a well-knitted and well-crafted belief in our lives. We have a narrative and a story that we constantly tell ourselves. Everyone has theirs. So do you. But, little do we realize where… More

Yes, I Choose To Live – A Poem to share

The Clarity faints,The Clouds of Karma come to hauntIt Slaps- Slaps hard! Nothing but the darkness seems ahead,The Self-loathing and bites of Regret,pinches all over me! Stood up bravely,with a mind that denies defeat.But the defeat gets its last laugh. Defeated! I hit dashing onto the ground face first.I cut myself!With cries and pains all… More

eye close up

A Small Note to a Confused Mind

You are confused. No issues. Be confused! There is resistance and discomfort within you. Creepy emotions are boiling inside. The mind quickly tries to run back to its temporary huts of escapes. It’s all it ever knows. The mind only knows to run. But don’t you run. Be brave. Stay, Be here. Be centred to… More

person protesting next to cops

Can We Survive in a Society like this?

“You are one thing at the office, another at home; you talk about Democracy, and in your heart, you are autocratic; you talk about loving your neighbors yet kill him with the competition. Are you aware of this fragmentary existence in yourself? Is it possible for such a brain to be aware of the whole… More

Tears on face of a woman

Cry of the Humanity – A Poem of Love

This is Us,This is Us. So trapped are we,There is no room to be free. Deep down, We seek freedom, But in the end, Bondage is what we get. Success, acknowledgment-are for whom?Only to chase for the next,Never be home? This is for us- the mighty humanity.But life doesn’t care our might. It goes on forever, And… More

What are we here for?

What are we here for? Do we ever ask sometimes? The world is a marketplace– do we ever see? Everyone is here acting with a motive, trying to sell you something or the other. Everyone’s here with a goal to reach, an objective to fulfil. No one is here for you, definitely not for me.… More

Life has No Problem: A Short-Poem for you

Open your eyes.Open to the Impermanence,around you Life is happening,People are dying,There are Children Playing Money; the forefront of most conversationsEmpty; the unsaid reality of the tethered mind.Cry; the scream of the diseased soul. But life has no problem,Do whatsoever you wishFall, cry, laugh or smile Because in the end,come back,you surely will Do whatsoever… More

5 Quick Reasons: Why do need to take up CBT at least once in your life

Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) really helpful? Here are a quick 5 points that tell you why- It helps you discover newer perspectives and interpretations to take on your life problems head-on It helps you to master emotional regulations and develop mindfulness with easy yet effective relaxation tools. It helps you to fight mental disorders… More

When the mind sees life – A Poem to share

When the mind sees its true self, When the mind sees its “I”, It realises for the first time,It realises its true inner potential. For the first time in its life,It realises its connection, A connection, so deep with the creation. At this level, the mind sees,its everlasting relation with people.And there comes a seizurethe… More

6 Things You Should Avoid Doing To Lead A Meaningful Life

Having a meaningful life doesn’t come easy. It requires you to weed out the negative and unhealthy ones giving way to the one that brings you happiness and joy. Here are things you should avoid doing to lead a meaningful life: Stop believing that you know everything Your teacher was wrong to you. The phrase… More

What Do you Do When You Realise?

When you realisethe Worst and the Best are within you, then what do you do? When you realiseyou are the Bad as well as Good, then what do you do? Then the urge to change dissolves completely,Irrevocably. And now you become the whole. Now you are not separate from the creation, You are the creation… More

Observe the marvellous story of your life

Whatever you did, you do or are going to do in life are based on the image you form about your future. It is but a product of the millions and millions of cause that works in harmony with your very nature. It creates favourable brain cells and neural pathways to fulfil your goals in life. But then, life struck… More

Find Love in the Nasty World

Today I was scrolling through history. World war 2 came to me. The city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was taken apart by the atomic bomb, shattering the lives of thousands of people in the blink of an eye. The picture of the loss makes my heart go melt and numb. Imagine if a catastrophe strikes… More

4 Simple Hacks To Win Over Your Goals Effortlessly

Everyone aspires to be the best in their fields. Everyone has their list of goals to achieve. But many end up lamenting, not achieving even half of the goals they had wished to achieve. What are the main reasons for the blame? Lack of Focus on the goal Not knowing how to stay on track… More

4 Basic Nutrition Principles that You can Apply Instantly in your Life

Nutrition and diet are the heavily discussed topics of today. A diet works best if blended with proper nutrition planning and a definite goal to achieve a healthy life.  Therefore, it becomes crucial to meet the requirements and needs of your diet. Read on to execute these basic nutritional principles in your daily life. Know the… More

You Cannot Rule the Nature, not in this Way

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed” – Francis Bacon Our life is taken care of by the laws of nature. Nothing and absolutely nothing can bypass laws and dharmas of life. A seed of cause is bound to yield its effect. Science knows the fact. So, they study causes that determine and brings forth… More

Why Worrying Is Actually Good For You? (With Simple And Smart Hacks)

Yesterday she was awake till midnight, twisting and turning from one end to another. She could feel her mind, her heart racing to a near-death. The more she tried to get out, the more she went in. And by morning, everything just remained the way it was. We all know, worry affects our health and… More

What You Get In The End (A Story To Be Told)

Life is a challenge. It is a constant battle, a battle to take the journey to the top, a battle to stay at the top. And eventually, in the process, LIFE KEEPS SLIPPING PAST US. But hey, that’s for tomorrow. Let’s talk about today! Today is a challenge for me. It’s a challenge to up… More

This Is How Social Media Is Taking Away Your Life 

Can you relate to any of the following examples? Sanya’s on a great vacation! She is having the time of her life! Oh! Ron has finally got his big break! Look how happy he is! Marya has this amazingly beautiful house and, I am living in this small rented apartment! Screw me! Social Media. For… More

Understanding Nature of the True Self

Realisation:- Keeping alive the I, the Me, you can never discover your true self. All you are doing is moving away from your true self. Real enquiry begins when “The I” ceases to exist. And then only, the truth shines and reveals itself to you.

Powerful 2-minute Vagus Nerve Exercise To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety

Are you looking for an instant cool down? Below is a Simple yet Powerful Exercise to soothe your Vagus Nerve and rewire your brain from stress and anxiety. This is Stanley Rosenberg’s simple, two-minute exercise for activating the ventral vagus nerve.   Without any further delay, let’s get down to business! Shall we? Step 1 Lie… More

5 Main Reasons Why Motivation Never Really Works For You (With Actionable Solutions)

Today Self-help industry thrives!  You find motivation in every nook and corner. Everybody has their mouth open about this. But has it really worked? Remains a question! Motivation eventually fades away with time Motivation is just like a delicious piece of cake.  You have it and you’re done after a while.  Eventually, motivation tends to fade away… More

Simple and Actionable Steps to Achieve Perfect Health

Ever wished of waking up and simply be healthier with full of life? But as it says, Rome wasn’t built in a day! It takes weeks and months of discipline and hard work to achieve perfect health.  But wait! Already overwhelmed?  All you need is a small and a little-little step, that makes all the… More

The 3 Doshas: Know What Ayurveda Tells About Your Body (With Actionable Solutions)

Today, Ayurveda has all the weapons required to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to Ayurveda, our body consists of 5 elements i.e. air, ether, water, fire, earth. These elements are in constant interaction with each other. The combination of these elements forms the Doshas, namely- Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Vata Vata is mainly the interaction between… More

3 Simple Ways To Listen To Your Body (With Actionable Solutions)

In this fast-paced world, our body helps us in achieving our dreams and goals. We are ambitious. We act and thrive for a better life, shying away from the ones that rob us from a healthy lifestyle.   But wait, is that all? Do we hear what the body’s whispering to us?   Let the body speak… More

Awareness: The Secret Sauce to A Success Story

Ever wondered what makes successful people stand out from the rest? There are but a billion bookshelves filled with self-help books, guides of the experts, the professionals with their studies and all the rest of it for your success.  But do they tap on to their secrets? Yes, the practice and skill do shape the… More

Magic of Being With Yourself: A Poem By Prateem

Please don’t value your time. You see time is utterly a bullshit thing to value. Living by the time is an illusion.It keeps you haunted, snatching away precious lives of yours. It steals us from being present, being here, being now. Instead, value your attention. Value the here. Value the now. It’s much sweeter, I… More

Change: A Brutal Truth of Life

Life teaches us valuable lessons, lessons that impacts and shapes us to the core. One such lesson is about CHANGE. Moving through life, little less do we see and experience the CHANGE in our lives. The noises of the mind eat up the majority part, leaving just a small slice to chew upon. Little less… More

Why Being Stubborn And Ignorant Is Good For You? (With Actionable Solutions)

We associate passion and dedication as strong allies to a great life. Ignorance and Stubbornness are the traits that we perceive as negative or of bad taste. Then why are Stubbornness and Ignorance good for you? Ignorance brings a fresh outlook to life Let’s take the example of Charles Lindbergh. He was an American Aviator… More

The Art Of Being In The Present Moment ( With Actionable Solutions)

Suppose today I hate a person. I curse him. The feeling of hatred, the anger boils within me. Then the mind interrupts and steps in. The mind says the best of things to be a better person. Now the mind wants to be peaceful, to be in the zen-like state. Here begins the journey to… More

Why Is The Entertainment Industry Killing You From Within?

Escape! That’s the first word that comes when we suffer in our minds. The next step is to run back to our personalised cocoons of entertainment and amusements. We all have our own escapes. Don’t we? Mental uneasiness and discomfort take us over and over. We are but left hapless but to fall back becoming… More


Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Brain Healthy and Young! 

We all work with our minds, but little do we work for our minds. Why is brain health important? Our brain is responsible for taking all our major decisions and solving the complex problems of our lives. It helps us to communicate, make sense of the world around us. Maintaining a healthy brain is crucial… More

The Art Of Thinking Well

“Today, I escaped from anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions; not outside.” To think well is an art. We often take it for granted, letting in information and knowledge, that creates massacres and worries within us. Thinking well is a skill that is honed and developed over… More

Secret To A Success Story – What They Didn’t Tell You

THE STORY OF SUCCESS Success is an event that everyone like, adores and keenly look up-to and following the footsteps of the people who “Makes It Big” in the game called life. It is the single most event that everyone wants. None denies being successful. Everyone dreams to be one, desiring to be a little better than… More

A Tale of Deception: Can We Ever See The Real Story ?

The big question remains, can we ever see the reality as it is? Can there ever be a direct perception of reality? Neurologists and scientists deny the perception of reality They maintain the fact that we can never see reality as they truly are. There is a sense of deception that obstructs us from seeing… More

Yes, They Are After You – Poem by P.S.

The world, A Market Place,Full of noise. The Big tycoons,The giants of the morrow, They are here for youOr are they? They are after youYes, they are desperately after you.Ready to fall for you.Ready to do anything for you. …. Do you know the most valuable asset of today? No, it is not-The Graff Diamonds Watch,The… More

Is There Anything Such As Good or Bad?

Good, bad – Is it what keeps us in the trap?  Good is essentially a term given to a thing that is approved or desired. Bad describes poor or low standards. But who decides that? Us? Do we all have a common agreement on that? Most importantly, does life run with the idea of good or bad?… More

The Greatest Power Within You – A Poem by P.s.

—— You have the Greatest Power,that is within you. At the time of the Flickering Candleof the mind. See the Ever-shining,ever-present Candle within you. And the Instant Flash of light,dawns upon you. ——

Rumi’s Quote To Heal

There is a candle in your heart,ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul,ready to be filled. You Feel it,don’t you? Rumi

What Is That One Thing- A Poem by P.S.

What is that one thing in you? What is that one thing- That saw your anger,Yet saw the dwindling peace in you What is that one thing- That saw the pain,Yet the pleasures in you What is that one thing- That saw your deepest of fears, Yet the fearlessness in you What is that one thing- That saw you cry… More

When The Craving Is Left Alone – A Poem by P.S.

Craving,a magnificent voidNo matter how much you fillEmptiness always awaitsto kill. Craving, thusa magnificent void. We cravefrom one thingto another.But what do we gather? Deep hollow,and a bottomless pit,Such is its nature. And finally,the wantingis tiredof hunting. We are left alone,only to surrender. Surrender,so do we. And, IT SETS YOU FREE! If you liked this… More

So Where Do We Find – A Poem by P.S.

Full of falsity,have we made this world.With endless amusement,senses being dulled.So, how do we find? If truth’s what we seek.  Mostly whensufferings inflicted,we think of all these. And there strikesthe existential crisis,like a deep dark abyss. But when there is the happy-happy moments,pleasures all around, do you still ask? If truth’s what we truly seek. If you… More

The Might Prevails Yet Again – A Poem by P.S.

daring cloudsdances its wayinto the fiery dawn. To the Might,it coversbut fails,no takeover. So,back it goes,into the silent sky realisingit’s all over(yet again) […] If you enjoyed this postplease don’t forget to share your love 🙂

Such Is The Nature Of Our Being – A Poem by P.S.

“Let come what comes, let go what goes.See what remains.” Ramana Maharishi Far away from each other.Where distance,Dawn upon us. Torn and apart, are we? ….. Unknown is me to you,Unknown is you to me.Whosoever we are.There is no one alone. We share the same old grief.Loss and disappointment.The moments of joy,And contentment. We all… More

You Are Much More Than That. That’s For Sure – The Poem

If you knew itfor sure… There isn’t any element of disruption,Nor anything that conquers through action. You Are Much More Than That,That’s For Sure …. The uphill tides,The massive waves of tsunami,Roars within you.They come.They try their best to break you forever.And nowit’s long gone… Only to make you realise,Which forms,Has to deform. No, you aren’t… More

Who Am I Then, Do You Ask? – Poem by Prateem

I was sad,I was worried,I was depressed and lonely, low on energy,Experiencing resistance within, Now I am feeling energetic,Now I am full of life, inspired from withinNow I aspire and have dreams to achieve. With all the countless new pieces of information,With all the fast fleeting feelings and energy in motion,With all the innumerable sensations… More

Being Free Like A Mirror

A Mirror never choose Mirror has an uncanny ability. The mirror never chooses. The mirror does not choose or discriminate who’s face to reflect and who’s not to. A mirror never favours one over the other. You may be attractive or unattractive to the world, for the mirror, it’s the same. It’s open to anything… More

Quote on Belief: “Belief is like a glass…”

How fortuitous to wake up to this wonderful realisation in life. Do you feel the same way? If you liked this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! Email me on(guest posts welcome!):

Do We Actually Have Control Over Our Lives?

As the legendary singer, John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” Look closely. Do you have control over your life? Do you possess any control over your thought which comes and goes without your notice? If we did, would we have chosen a nasty thought in… More

Dealing With Disease and Anxiety

Do you experience resistance in your life? Do you deal with the dis ease within? There is a disease within.It comes in the form of Thought, Feelings, Sensations and Emotions. ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER. It wants your attention. It wants you. Let it come. Let it flower. Do not resist it, for it to come… More

Secret To A Healthy Living -Fix Your Life With The Quick Six

As rightly said, “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything”. In this fast-paced world where life rifts past us in the blink of an eye, taking care of our health has been an all-time challenge for us. But don’t worry. These six areas, if taken care of, can make… More

Hugging Life Into Your Arms

All we try to do is to reach from one place to another; demand a sense of security inwardly. We are in the process of becoming, creating a pseudo self with all the conclusions, ideas and beliefs. And so in the process, we capture, holding onto the happiness; the satisfaction and the extraordinary sense of… More

Ever Observed The Nature Of Your Mind- Chaos

“Mind, a vehicle to the wonderland, Even a marvellous tool for self-destruction” Have you ever seen the nature of your mind? Have you ever peaked within?  No, I am not talking about the intellectuals and the knowledge that we feed. Neither I am focusing on the stuff that provides you with capsules of pleasures within. Rather,… More

Let Your Magic Flow: Decide To Create Without Judgements

Are you too scared about posting your craft online? Are you battling on the judgements, their judgements?  It happened to me as well. I waited for the best possible draft, for the best content to create. Very soon I realised that the best was no way near. I was but deluded into the mist of… More

Life Lessons: 6 Things That The Year 2020 Has Whispered Behind

The year 2020 was the life-changing year, unlike any other year. It has left behind a lot to say to us. Today, I share with you, 6 things the year has whispered behind. Life is indeed a box of chocolates Forest Gump was right! Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what… More

The Life Has Entered: A Poem by Prateem

A Life has just entered. He has nothing within.  His beingness, filled with beauty and aliveness. Oh! Every moment of his,  is the doorway to the new. No, he isn’t smart enough  in the eyes of society. Nor is he driven along by the waves  of his selfish needs. He is but empty from within, Yet… More

Life Is An Incredible Journey: A Poem by Prateem

Many walked in this planet,All Left with empty hands.Few leaned deep, in search of meaning.Few interested to live without the influences of the world around. And there were few for whom Absolute Freedom is what mattered the most. Yet there’re dozens of books, videos and films about life.They share their trail to the journey.They hustled… More

Aren’t We The Same Afterall: A Poem by Prateem

You may be black or white, Poor or you exercise your might. We all go through Uncertainties. Dealing with our own sets of Insecurities. We may be a slave to our own beliefsBut we do suffer from our personal griefs. Aren’t we the same after all? Once you read the book of Life, Not Theoretically, nor… More

So Deep Is Our Life: Do We Realise?

Walking through life gaining experiences,We carry the world in our personalised lenses. Taught by the masses all around, The rights and the wrongs are so profound. So now we grow bold,  Not realising how deeply conditioned is our old. The ideas and beliefs are what we don’t doubt Our “point of view” is what we… More

You’re The Best Of All: A Poem by Prateem

Life has its own story to tell. Some struggles to keep up with their daily needs,And some has more than what he really needs. As they have their own journey, for you to know.Everyone suffers regardless of their status quo. Eventually, some die coping up with their living,And some blossom into a full-fledged being.But one… More

Gift Your Soul, A Rishikesh Tour: A Tour Guide

Rishikesh, India’s spiritual haven on earth, is the magical city sitting on the blue banks of the holy River Ganges. Months backs, I took a solo trip to Rishikesh. Though, it wasn’t all romantic at the start. I still remember being reluctant on the very night of my journey, dragging myself towards the bus station. … More

What is Happiness for you?

What does Happiness means to you? Is it just a Feeling? Or is it something more subtler? For me, happiness has always entered in the Present moment. It’s never a point to be reached. Happiness is never found in the Tomorrows or Yesterdays It never came through the mind. Or what the mind assumes presumes… More

What If We Decide To Stop?

One after the another and another. The wish list in our life continues to add up. There’s always the next thing waiting for you at the doorstep to get seduced with. But is there any end to it? Is there an end to our desires? What if we stop and ask? Breaking the shackles of… More

Information Overload

Information – the Silent Killer of Our Lives (With Actionable Solution)

Research says that an average person consumes 3 times more information today than in the 1960s. We’re progressing towards the new era. Today, we’re constantly swamped by the infinite stream of information surrounding us. But where’s the respite? No one knows where to stop Information is bombarded from all sides like never before. With all… More

Life has finally arrived

Children are the real jewels. They have no past. All they have is present and the future packed with infinite possibilities.

Be Empty my friend

Life becomes much more vibrant and alive once we understand the significance of emptiness in our lives. Therefore, be empty from within.

Be Here Be Now

Life is always in the Now and the Present Moment. So, you be here and now to experience life to the fullest.

What Do We Really Seek?

He questions about his existence. He goes out to figure out life and what he actually seeks.

What made Steve “Think Different”?

This piece is about what made Steve Jobs different from others. It is about a true visionary who had set out to achieve unimaginable heights. He shaped the world with his Apple products.

He hopes to be free

He still remembers what Andy said to Red in the movie Shawshank Redemption. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.” There lightens a tinge of hope in him. Hope that at least now he gets to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He… More

Craving to form opinions?

Let us look at the whole picture before penning on views and opinions on anything and everything in our lives.

Have you mastered the art of failing?

It is about my experiences with failure in life. Failure is uncomfortable at the beginning but ultimately it helps you to become a better person in life. Failure shapes you to grow as a better human being in life.

A mysterious conversation with Pleasure

“And at the end of the day it leaves with nothing, nothing more than an empty hand left to crave alone, left for another day to be tricked”. We all love our pleasures. Don’t we? But do we see our pleasures? Pleasures serve us, eating up a lot of our energy, some remains, consuming us… More

Why do we live with the past?

From our childhood, we were sent to schools, bombarded with teachings. History, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, we gathered them all, from people having their past share of researches on the respective fields. We knew about life from the eyes of all those people who had their share of life in the past. And we learn… More

Let’s bind together in the International Day of Yoga.

With the social distancing tearing us apart, Yoga promises to bind us with the much-needed love and warmth in these tough times of our lives. Today, International yoga day is observed all across the globe with love, serene and tranquillity. The very root meaning of Yoga symbolises “Union”. Yoga unites our mind and body, most… More

The Art Of Questioning

Ever hit by a question of “Who am I”? From being a tiny part in our parent’s body to the formation of small gems of fluids. From being a weak fragile old man with barely some of the functionings happening in the body. And then we are dying on the lap of the burned fury… More

Tao: Gaining back the forgotten way of life

“All-pervading is the Great Tao! It may be found on the left hand and on the right. All things depend on it for their production, which it gives to them, not one refusing obedience to it. When its work is accomplished, it does not claim the name of having done it. It clothes all things… More

What is Love?

Theologians have written volumes, the priests have given tremendous significance to it. Every man has given their personalised meaning and also the world of the film industry has dominated this subject for ages and made trillions of wealth. Since our very childhood, we have been imposed with certain conclusions on our minds, knowingly or unknowingly… More

History of Pandemics that shook the world

The world has seen some of the grimmest times with its histories of pandemics. Such events have moulded, shaped and affected the human civilisation to its entirety. Here I take you down to some of the deadliest histories of pandemics experienced all across the globe that shook the world and our very existence. Antonine Plague… More

Do we observe ourselves?

This piece is inspired from J. Krishnamurti, a man who has devoted his entire life to examine, understand and enquire oneself and never accepted AUTHORITY of any means . Authority of every kind . He rightly points out that there is a major crisis in HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. People suffer physically and also psychologically . We… More

What is Fear

Do you ever watch the fear when it arises as it is? As long as there is division between you and fear, there is conflict, there is wastage of energy either by suppressing it, running away from it, talking about it, going to the analysts and so on and on and on . But whereas,… More


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