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If you are feeling heavy from inside, this is for you

“The nights are getting longer. There is anxiety. You have difficulty breathing. The emotions are high and treacherous.” I have been there! For those who are feeling heavy from within, this is a small note for you- Slow down. Let it be.┬áJust slow down. Connect with your inner self. Listen, it wants your attention. Connect… More

Life has No Problem: A Short-Poem for you

Open your eyes.Open to the Impermanence,around you Life is happening,People are dying,There are Children Playing Money; the forefront of most conversationsEmpty; the unsaid reality of the tethered mind.Cry; the scream of the diseased soul. But life has no problem,Do whatsoever you wishFall, cry, laugh or smile Because in the end,come back,you surely will Do whatsoever… More