Life Lessons: 6 Things That The Year 2020 Has Whispered Behind

picture of the  year 2021

The year 2020 was the life-changing year, unlike any other year. It has left behind a lot to say to us.

Today, I share with you, 6 things the year has whispered behind.

Life is indeed a box of chocolates

picture of pieces of choolates

Forest Gump was right! Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

We can have all the spreadsheets and the planners ready for us at our disposal. But life happens on its own accord. Life has got nothing to do with our plans. Life has its plans ready for us.

Change, the only thing that remains

poster of the text having always be open

Everything eventually subsides one way or the other.  

Realising this helps you cope with the most difficult of times in your life. It helps you to get unstuck. Now, acknowledging the temporary nature becomes so much sweeter.

Every moment links to another 

picture of a chain

One event leads to another. Every moment links deeply to one another.

You cannot rule out even a single tiniest bit of a moment from your life. It’s where you connect your dots.

Life’s much bigger than we think

picture of a women gazing the sea

It taught me to focus deep within myself.

The year taught us to dive deep within our inner self. We all took it that life was the way it is. And then the year 2020 came and the rest is history.

Acceptance is indeed powerful

picture of a hand fist

Life always works best when there is less friction to it. 

When we accept, we are opening the doors to new and brighter possibilities in life. 

We are but deeply interconnected to each other

picture of text having together

There is no such thing as a separate existence.

No matter how well we surround and express our individuality, we are all interconnected more deeply and profoundly.