Are you too lost with the network of escapes?

There are times in your life when you are staggeringly lost and restless about everything.

You just crave for escaping the present situation and try to be interested in other people’s affairs , or try dulling the mind with widely available substances sometimes even though you have the prior knowledge that it will definitely fade away in some way or another.

But problems , boy they surely pop up like popups in computer screen . They come back haunting us.

The point is we never wish to be uncertain or be uncomfortable about anything . We always aspire to have answers to everything and anything.

Recently there has been a buzz about the term ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome) which is heavily loaded in us because of the environment we are surrounded by.

Thanks to the magnificent flourishing in the field of technology . They keep us busy forever.

The concern is masses are always stuck in the debate on its prons and cons, very few actually even try to delve into this issue.


Will our parents, gurus , scientists , teachers , friends help us to even acknowledge the situation ? will there ever be a transformation in human psyche?

Is repeatative practises, practising ourselves with regimes and routines the only solution? Why did it even happen at the first place? What is the focal point of this situation?

Do we even try to discover the answers ourselves ? why are we always looking upto others for our answers?